Our team was proud to be chosen to help tell the profoundly moving story of Barbara Weir, one of Australia’s most influential living First Nations Artists who was part of Australia's Stolen Generation.

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Barbara’s story took us to some incredible locations, from the Northern Territory in the remote Australian Outback to our Nations capital. Deep in the bush, ‘off the grid’ without contact from the outside world, we were immersed in the most unique and remote culture and landscape.

Negotiating the extreme weather conditions, we travelled in convoy, guided by ‘the Aunties’ deep into the heartland of the landscape of Barbara’s childhood. We captured Barbara and her remarkable family as she took us on a journey remembering some of the most poignant and pivotal moments in her life.

With no map in sight, guided by their unique and intricate knowledge of the land, the ‘Aunties’ navigated us through the remote sites. They manually cleared through the overgrown scrub revealing the disused tracks and unveiling the birthplace of Barbara at Derry Downs.

The surrounding landscape strewn with remnants of a modest life once lived, were the triggers to memories held deep in Barbara’s subconscious including her experience as a member of the stolen generation.

We had the privilege of traversing tracks and travelling through the bush that has sat abandoned since the 1930s, visiting places of cultural and historical significance. From birthplaces to burial sites, to places that hold fond memories, Barbara’s willingness and generosity to share her story and her “country” was profoundly selfless, emotional and deeply moving.

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